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The Healthcare Vulnerability Landscape

Automated security compliance vulnerability scanning services are designed for small and medium size physician pratices.

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There were 11 reported healthcare data breaches of more than one million records in 2022 and a further 14 data breaches of over 500,000 records. The majority of those breaches were hacking incidents, many of which involved ransomware or attempted extortion.

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ASC Has National Importance In 2023

The United States has adopted a stated policy for strengthening cybersecurity in private sectors in all industries. With the identification of 16 critical infrastructure areas, the current administration has declared cybersecurity to be essential to national security and the national interest.

54% of small healthcare practices are not prepared for cyberattacks or internal mishandling of patient health information.

Join our companies community using our unique go-to-software approach to a sustainable competitive advantage in vulnerability scanning.

Improve your Security Posture

Increase Visibility

By using an attack surface monitoring solution, you can quickly and clearly identify all the vulnerabilities linked to cloud solutions within a private network.

Improve Third-Party Security

Close to 60%, of data breaches happen when a third-party vendor’s security is compromised.

Expand Cyber Threat Awareness

In order to protect employees from falling prey to phishing attacks and other cunning social engineering tactics, it is crucial to provide them with training.

Implement Multi-Factor Authentication

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I’m a software engineer with over a decade with more than 14 years of experience executing manual and automated tests in web applications. In the digital environment, I worked in both small and large companies including DGII Government tax collector; Unipago the comprehensively process the operations of the Dominican Social Security System and Newtech as a contractor for Verizon Enterprise and First American
LLC. She has developed test automation frameworks for cybersecurity vulnerability scans, specifically to enable healthcare operations to effectively identify threats to their operations.

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Lissette Gutierrez

Chief Executive Officer

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